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When I was nine years-old I started a slime business.  It gave me the chance to learn about business, even make some extra spending money. I went to Middle School and had an absolutely horrible experience. There were a lot of alone moments, and it was the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life.  The anxiety I always had became even worse, and I became truly sad.  I changed schools, made amazing new friends, and now I am really happy.


Though, I still have to deal with Middle School drama. So I came up with this really cool concept and wrote this book with my father.   One thing I never forgot along the way was the importance of sharing  my Middle School experiences, to tell kids everywhere they are not alone...and, if things are bad right now, just know that one day things will get better.  


I really hope you like this book.  There's a lot of people who worked so hard to make this book happen and I can't believe it is finally done! Thank you for reading it.

Charlotte, Creator

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