Meet Love, Pene and June, three AWKWARD and AWESOME Middle school girls, who come together to form a business called, 'Peace, Love 'n Slime'. Together, they make, market and distribute SLIME to the entire school and now to the world.  


As Peace, Love 'n Slime's business booms, so does their meteoric rise in popularity. With Middle School mayhem in full effect, experience the colorful Slime Dealer's use of girl power, ingenuity and positivity to fight off evil, all while doing good in the world!

BUT an unusual event that happened 20 years ago connects to the Slime Dealers biggest slime order ever.  Unbeknownst to the girls, the Slime contains a special formula which leads to each of them having a unique set of superpowers - Speed, Strength and Sight!  What will happen to their adventures as they try to stop this from taking over their town and potentially the planet?  Read on to find out what happens next...

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