Book 4 VOL.png

The LA City Middle School Halloween Dance is the event of the year and the Slime Dealers will definitely be in attendance! But who cares, right?  The Slime Dealers aren’t RSVP’ing to show off their costuming skills, but rather because Middle Schoolers with a sugar high are willing to spend HIGH. And the Slime Dealers have prepared something special, ready to go.


Their newly created Spookify Slime is a perfect glow-in-the-dark slime with black skulls…and its selling out…Cha-ching! Unfortunately, the good times are short lived as Paul unexpectedly shows up outside the school and warns the Slime Dealers that dangerous EPIC CORP operatives are on their way to recover the Plutonium Compound and they will stop at nothing to succeed.


On cue, the Goons from the warehouse arrive, dressed as the ‘Men in Black’.


The Slime Dealers take off mid-party, but will they escape and hold onto the Plutonium Compound?