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Meet Love, Pene, and June, three awkward and awesome Middle School girls, who come together to form a business called, 'Peace, Love 'n Slime'. They make, market, and distribute SLIME to the entire school and now, to kids everywhere.  


As Peace, Love 'n Slime's business booms, so does their meteoric rise in popularity.  And while they could care less, the Popular girls, aka the 'Popsicles', social status is dropping big time...  because of, according to them, 'a bunch of nobodies'.

And if an all out WAR with the Popsicles wasn't enough to worry about, the Slime Dealers have to figure out how to a mysterious event that took place over 20 years ago is about to explode into the present day and mess up with the Slime Dealer's lives....permanently.


With Middle School mayhem in full effect, experience the colorful Slime Dealer's use of girl power, ingenuity, and positivity to fight off evil, all while doing good in the world!