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Popsicles and Plutonium...In science class, Cass and Love are paired together as lab partners, but Sally Anne and the Popsicles are focused on disrupting this twosome. That trouble takes a back seat to the Slime Dealer’s much bigger problem...the missing Plutonium Compound. The girls track the Plutonium Compound to a secret EPIC facility guarded by dozens of mercenaries. The Slime Dealers use their super powers to burrow into an underground tunnel that leads to a bright, pristine lab with a dozen state-of-the-art work stations crewed by 25 people in lab coats. In the center of the lab, they spot the 3 tubes of Plutonium Compound waiting to be replicated.


The Slime Dealers launch into action, combining their super powers and their girl power, to take back the Plutonium Compound.  Chaos ensues! An action-packed battle that includes broken glass, flying bodies and an all-out battle of good versus pure EPIC EVIL. Will the Slime Dealers be able to fight off EPIC, retrieve the Plutonium Compound and make it back to LA City Middle School?


And what happens when Love accidentally stumbles into a secret office filled with classified EPIC files, revealing someone who they know is part of EPIC? Stay tuned to find out!