Mr. D drives the Slime Dealers to an undisclosed location in the middle of nowhere where they can dispose of the Plutonium Compound. But just they speed through a half opened fence, the Slime Dealers are ambushed by the same Goons from earlier.  Yep, it’s a trap! The Goons snatch Pene’s backpack which contains the Plutonium Compound and take off, leaving the Slime Dealers stranded in the desert! Even, Mr. D has disappeared, but the Slime Dealers use their ingenuity to find their way back home just in time for school. With the Plutonium Compound gone, things seem hopeless, but Pene realizes that her stolen backpack also has her cell phone hidden in one of its secret compartments (thank you JUNE). Luckily her FIND MY IPHONE app is on, so the Slime Dealers are able to track the Plutonium Compound’s location.


In order to save the world from EPIC’s evil plans, the girls create their darkest and stickiest slime EVER. A slime that not only appeals to students who are on a Twilight/Vampire binge, but one that could be used to help STOP really bad guys in their tracks. This potent STICKY BLACK SLIME contains experimental ingredients including a large amount of industrial Super Glue.


STICK AROUND to see how things turn out.