BREAKING NEWS: Sirens blaring…LAPD is on the scene. The LA City Middle School Library has been vandalized! Only the Slime Dealers know the true culprits, but they can’t tell. Luckily they managed to move the Plutonium Compound in the nick of time, but that won’t stop EPIC from doubling their efforts.  The Slime Dealers lives slowly get back on track.  Their superpowers are finally under control, their grades are on the rise and their slime business is taking off.


Unfortunately, their newfound popularity is undermined at every turn by the Popsicles. And the recent ‘REBUILD the LIBRARY’ fund drive creates unfriendly competition and friction between the Popsicles and the Slime Dealers. In the midst of the most recent Popsicle sabotage attempt, the girls receive word from Paul to dump the Plutonium Compound at some secret location in the middle of the desert. With unexpected assistance from Mr. D, they head out to dispose of the compound! 


Find out if they can finally destroy this formula, and get back to their ‘abnormal Middle School lives.’