book 5 vol.png

4:30 AM WAKE UP CALL! After a narrow escape from capture at the Halloween Dance, the Slime Dealers are up early and race to school with their backpacks full of Epic’s Plutonium Compound! The Slime Dealers hide the compound in a long lost WWII bunker which they’ve learned is located under LA City Middle School library (Thanks History Channel). Who knew history could be so interactive! Whew, crisis averted, for now! The girls continue to maintain covert communication with Paul as they await information on where to dispose of the Plutonium Compound.


Meanwhile, the Slime Dealers return to their somewhat normal lives, but when you have crazy, uncontrolled superpowers and the Popsicles trying to sabotage your every move, how normal can your life really be? The two Goons from EPIC are tipped off by Lead Popsicle, Sally Anne that something fishy was happening in the library.


Two Goons, radiation detectors and the Popsicles... Suddenly, the Slime Dealers find themselves in a sticky situation!