Book 3 vol.png

Middle School and saving the world are two things that should never go hand-in-hand, but it definitely makes each day wayyy more interesting. Eclectic’s Nancy Owens desperate for answers to find Paul helps the Slime Dealers piece together new information. Meanwhile, new substitute Science Teacher, Mr. Davenport, aka ‘Mr. D’, provides useful information to the Slime Dealers as they unravel the EPIC mystery.


OPERATION RESCUE PAUL kicks into high gear as the girls head to an abandoned warehouse in Downtown LA. The Slime Dealers spot Paul through a rooftop skylight. He is chained and being forced to work with dangerous looking chemicals by two burly goons. The Slime Dealers leap into action, superhero style, to rescue Paul.  In the midst of the melee, June’s LA City Middle School pin is ripped off, and left behind.


Will the Slime Dealers free Paul and still maintain their secret identities?