Book 2 vol.png

The most dangerous places on Earth...Guantanamo Bay, CUBA...CIA Black Site in the Ural Mountains…but none more dangerous than MIDDLE SCHOOL in LOS ANGELES! Yep, nobody said it was going to be easy! Throw in unexpected, impossible to manage SUPERPOWERS, a mysterious disappearance and the latest incarnation of MEAN GIRLS aka the POPSICLES and life just got really interesting for Love, Pene and June.


There isn’t a YouTube tutorial on how to be a teen superhero, so the girls have to fly by the seat of their pants, adjusting to their powers if their school lockers, sports teams and students’ hairstyles can survive. Plus, there is a mystery to solve and with Paul's unexplained vanishing, the girls must rise to the challenge and FIND ANSWERS! Their investigation finally pays off with the discovery of a folder marked CLASSIFIED/EPIC CORP, which contains several faded, handwritten notes dating back 20 years detailing EPIC lab’s illegal use of a dangerous Plutonium Compound. Yep, something is wayyy wrong.   


Despite being pulled in a million directions with school, their slime business and the whole superpower thing, the girls must keep trying to FIND PAUL and unravel a mystery!